We’ve spent decades building a network of more than 300 correspondent banks spread across 175 countries. But it’s the relationships not the numbers that set our service apart.

That’s because we make it a priority to visit our partners in country, in person as often as we can. By doing so, we gain a greater understanding of their strategy and their needs, while also improving their understanding of our customers’ needs and how they can help us meet those needs. This “boots on the ground” approach also enables us to gain deeper insights into local market dynamics, as well as meet with central banks and regulators to ensure that we can remain on the right side of compliance.

This alignment of goals, deeper understanding of the local marketplace, and building of trust enables all parties to work as closely as possible to secure the highly competitive pricing and reliability we deliver to our customers. We also support our partners through technology solutions that make it easier and more efficient to participate in our network.

Robert Mpunga, Head of Treasury, Bank of Africa

Robert Nyehangane, Head of Treasury, Housing Finance Bank



Available only to our correspondents, FXePrice? is an online platform automating their provision of FX rates to the INTL FCStone (IFL) trading team. It enables our partners to manage both firm and indicative rates, receive automated booking confirmations, view historical trade bookings and rates published, and manage their trader user accounts.


Benefits include:

  • Single portal for rate submission and trade booking notification
  • Online platform accessible anywhere over the internet
  • Secure and safe access ensured by user credential encryption
  • Rate validation providing a reduction in cost and errors
  • Retain records of all historical rates and trade bookings

Demo accounts are available upon request.


The information in this section is intended to be a description of the INTL FCStone Global Payments services and shall not be deemed to be an offer for the sale or purchase of any financial services product transaction or advice. It is provided on an ‘as-is’ basis and no warranty, whether express or implied, is given as to its completeness or accuracy.

INTL FCStone Global Payments is a service provided by INTL FCStone Ltd, registered in England and Wales Company Number 5616586 and authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) [FRN: 446717]). IFL provides its Global Payments services across the globe using its agents; INTL FCStone Inc., in the United States and INTL Asia Pte Ltd, in Singapore.

INTL FCStone Ltd and INTL Asia Pte Ltd are part of the INTL FCStone group and wholly owned subsidiaries of INTL FCStone Inc. INTL FCStone Inc. is a public company, registered in the United States of America and regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission . It is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (ticker symbol "INTL").


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